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Today is a very special day for fans of Super Mario Bros., especially for those who love fervently his series of RPG games. It is not for less because, on a date like today but 20 years ago, went on sale the game that would start with the adventures of the famous plumber in the genre of RPGs. We mean neither more nor less than the unique and endearing Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Launched in Japan on March 9, 1996 (13 May 96 in America), Super Mario RPG became a huge success in the era of the SNES because, besides offering a fantastic adventure of Mario showed us a new face never imagined anyone would combine more than perfect: the mechanics of an RPG with such deep, accessible game and the hallmark of Nintendo.

More than two decades of departure and placed as one of the greatest classics of the era of Super Nintendo, in Atomix we decided to bring you a special in which we mentioned 12 reasons why we believe that Super Mario RPG became the legend that is today. We hope you enjoy it.

Free Mario is ready for 2016! London Olympic Games


Atreves the years Mario Bros games do not go out of fashion among the different generations who know him. This little man dressed plumber has managed to survive and adapt to the tastes of all people dare countless and fun adventures in different worlds where it faces many creatures. TriJuegos gives you the choice between an exquisite variety of online games and also free to play on PC without installing any software. Among the highlights of our games we can find Peper Mario, Super Mario 3 and Super Mario Sunshine 64 Demo.

We have seen go through the notebook and desktop Nintendo games like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games consoles (2009), Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (2011), Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 (2013), and now it is the turn of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Rio 2016, on the occasion of the Olympics this summer will be held in Brazil, and which soon will begin to talk much.

Golf returns to the Olympics after 112 years of absence.
The version for Wii U will launch in June, and we could not yet prove it, for it is already among us is the game for Nintendo 3DS, a collection of sports mini-games arcade court, very accessible thanks to the simplicity of the controls, and this time betting on the variety rather than quantity, offering a number of tests significantly lower than the previous installment of the series.

There are 14 different Olympic events: 100m, 110m hurdles, Long Jump, Javelin, Swimming, Archery, Boxing, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Horse Riding, BMX, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and the two great innovations of this edition, football and golf, the latter sport returns to the Olympics after 112 years of absence. If you played the previous Mario & Sonic 3DS, during the London Olympics, you'll notice something strange, and it is how it has drastically reduced the number of sports, as we have spent more than 50 events in the above, less than half this, a drastic reduction that gives the feeling of being a game that has become less willing.

Each of the 14 sporting events you can play in its standard version, more or less realistic, with the official rules of the sport in question, or your Extra version, with special items, power-ups, new standards, etc., which depending on the case rather change the game experience. This addition, which is appreciated not get camouflaging it a game with much less content than the previous delivery.

As usual in Mario & Sonic is very easy to enjoy from the first moment of its arcade gameplay, we need to use the stylus on the touch screen or press two or three buttons as much in each test, and before you start playing there is a small summary that explains very well what we have to do during development. There are some details or mechanics that do not tell us and we'll end up finding based play like that in the test of the 100 meters when we are about to cross the finish line can throw the body forward and win a few hundredths of a second.

Free Mario Games Are Waiting For Teenagers!

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Welcome to our page with Mario games! Who does not know - Super Mario, the famous mascot of Nintendo! He is undoubtedly the most famous game hero and seen in more than 200 games, of which more than 200 million were sold. Mario is famous for its platform-jumping games later, the sports and racing games were added.

free mario
free mario

Also we are true fans of the famous plumber from New York and have therefore designed this site. The entire site is full of Super Mario games that you can play all free. Here you can find everything - from online to Mario Kart Super Mario Bros. In addition, you will find many information about the Friends of Mario and the game's history.

You are plumber by profession and the stars in several of the world's most popular games.

These guys are the absolute 'Side-Scrolling' heroes! They scour pipe portals and use their environment to give yourself an energy boost and wipe out their Mini Monster enemies. You'll find them all in this Mario Adventures. The best part is that you need not even a Nintendo to play this free Super Mario Brother games. But remember, there are many more ways to play than just this classic platform games. These short free games you can skip ahead and get on with the boss battles also will. Or you fight against other players, no matter whether these players are real or computer generated. There are also cross-links with other favorite games like Sonic the Hedgehog or Megaman. Mario has some new online skills such as truck driving, self-styling or even cleaning after oil spills. When you play with Mario, you own all these skills. Fight against your brother (one of your real friends or family member can this role play), and find out who is the better shooter. Mach Mario to your cannon fodder and become the champion, who set a new distance record. Or let yourself with some of the Halloween-themed one on creepy fun. And how about last ... but really not the last on the list ... with Mario Kart? Of course it online versions!

free mario
free mario

Arguably the most famous character ever, simply timeless, of all known and popular Super Mario. Popular games like Super Mario World, Super Mario World II and Mario & Yoshi always occupied the top places at the most popular console games. During this period, Nintendo also brought interesting Mario Paint on the market. Here it was possible for the user to create his own world. Here one could bring his imagination into full play. In addition, it was possible with the computer mouse to paint his works of art in a thousand colors of crazy to totally awesome. One could thus run his photo, fly and jump. In this game, it was possible to make their own animated films like a pro. The most spectacular thing about this game was that you compose his own music, invented madness sound effects and other sounds could strike. And all with the famous Mario in the background. With Mario Paint could make checkered horse, flying foxes and a pink sky reality. It was possible to leave at any time his imagination run wild. The 15 to enacting sounds of Mario Paint could be divided into three different groups. In melodies, rhythms and sounds of nature.

free mario
free mario

Melodies: For example, the piano is a classical melody instrument. In Mario Paint such a piano sound is included.
Rhythms: In this game more rhythm tones to choose from were.
Natural sounds: Probably the most popular sounds in Mario Paint. Squealing pigs, mooing cows and mewing cats provide fun and variety in the implementation of this program.

to play free mario games, here is the link: free mario

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